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One, sir: On Titles in Scenes

Reading through my own personal journal’s archives reminded me of how early on many of the thoughts, feelings, and ideas that I express today have been inside of me. It’s also shown me how some things changed, and looking at which things have changed and which have not is an interesting pursuit in itself. This […]


I don’t like Halloween. I never did. Halloween is the quintessential children’s holiday. It’s entirely about rewards with no consequences. When you’re a child, that means it’s about the candy. When you’re an adult, that means it’s about whatever the rest of your life can’t be about. For sexually repressed adults (i.e., most adults), that […]

More men need to cry on the big porn screen

The other day during dinner while hanging out with friends, of course, pornography gets brought up. (I’m sure the waitresses love us. Or hate us. Or love to hate us. (That’s called foreshadowing, by the way. (And this is called Lisp.))) Now, porn gets brought up all the time in conversations with my general social […]

I’m not a masochist

Sometimes it’s strange that it’s actually difficult to write about this kind of stuff—kink, I mean. You’d think it would be easy, you know, comes from the heart and all that, but it’s not. So many personal things hinge on the acceptance of this sort of writing. What would she think? What do you think? […]

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