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What porn companies can learn from the Giffords shooting

First, a couple important points. I hate Kink, Inc.1 2 That does not mean I want them eradicated—they have been doing a shitty job of it, but I believe have made the world a (slightly) better place on balance—it means I have incredibly negative feelings for them that are far, far stronger than mere disapproval […]

Wednesday Wanderings: Gendered Semantic Web, Vulcan Sex, and more

Been working hard in other parts of my endeavors recently, and am especially happy to see interest begin to pick up in the HyperTextual Porn experiments I’m hosting and hoping to develop. In the mean time, here are some links for light reading for you: I realize this will probably be “too techy” for some […]

Equating passivity with sexual submissiveness is a stupid mistake

This weekend I’m making a concerted effort to spend more time than I might otherwise with Eileen because we’ve been enjoying reconnecting with kink lately and there is just so much work to do during our “normal” days. Once again, as part of tasks she had charged me with accomplishing, Eileen wanted me to write […]

I like feeling like a beginner again

Things have been a little bit busy in my life lately, and for once the busyness has not been solely professionally-driven. Though I am working on a number of very exciting things, my days have been excitingly full because after I work hard, I come home to Eileen and we play hard. The play, however, […]

Safely fucking anonymous johns with inspiration from TCP/IP

I can still remember the day when Eileen said to me, somewhat dismayed, “Sometimes it feels like every kinky girl who’s even close to being classically attractive decides to become a pro-domme sooner or later. Why am I the only one who doesn’t?” And of course, when she was offered a job as a pro-domme […]

Call for participation: Hyperfiction and Hypertextual Porn

A few weeks ago I was geeking out about “web stuff” to Eileen, who was sitting across the café table from me sipping her gigantic flat white coffee. I was talking to her about iterative development processes, and how that matches how I think. Small bits, loosely structured, eventually coalesce and create something very refined, […]

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