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Transgender Basics

Stolen directly from Miss Avarice where I first saw this: I would like to make special mention of a segment of this video at a time-mark approximately ten minutes and thirty-one seconds from the start: Gender roles do change over time and they change within cultures. In, sort of, Western American culture, the only emotion […]


I don’t like Halloween. I never did. Halloween is the quintessential children’s holiday. It’s entirely about rewards with no consequences. When you’re a child, that means it’s about the candy. When you’re an adult, that means it’s about whatever the rest of your life can’t be about. For sexually repressed adults (i.e., most adults), that […]

I want to be a pretty boy

I’ve never been a manly man. When I was younger, I watched quite a bit of television. I remember lots of the imagery I was presented with quite vividly. In almost every case, I wanted to be the girls. Growing up, I quickly learned that wanting to be more like the girls was a desire […]

On the wonderfulness of thongs and chastity devices

Okay, so here’s a funny subject I’ve been trying to experiment with a little lately. This past week I’ve been locked up in the CB-3000 at my girlfriend’s command. The last time I had been locked up wasn’t for a good many months ago. (I have it recorded on my personal kink calendar, but without […]

Feminization as the perfect creation

When I used to be closer friends with the Pro Dommes at one of the local dungeons where I live, I would get invited pretty regularly to their Friday night parties. These were not great events because the Mistresses never had a truly fun time (since they were technically working), and I’m pretty sure that’s […]

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