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Three easy steps to meeting and playing with people in BDSM clubs

While filling the Conversio Virium calendar with other group’s events to publicize to the CV crowd, I came across a curious meeting topic that DomSubFriends (one of our local NYC BDSM groups) is going to be presenting on shortly. It is a presentation, taught by a dominant man and intended for other men regardless of […]

Normal is anything but

Flickr photo by lickyoats used under a Creative Commons license. What-if questions are the introvert’s Schrödinger’s cat. At once educational and unworkable, they can provide insight into your current mental state or process, whatever that may be. More interesting than simply performing the thought-experiment once is performing it several times, posing the question to yourself […]

Sex is nice and porn is good for your society

Due to personal reasons, I’ve decided to drop off the radar a little bit this past week. Instead of sex, I brought you Mario. Tonight, however briefly, it’s back to the sex. Lest you think this is merely a pulp post, let me make my point explicitly (pun intended). No matter how hard some people […]

Kink on Tap 6: Sexual Teasing and Denial

Subscribe to Kink on Tap in iTunesDownload MP3 directly In lieu of the fast-approaching Floating World convention, rather than do a Kink on Tap roundtable as I’m (trying) to do regularly, I thought this time I’d share some of the fun around for those of you unlucky enough not to be able to attend. SaraEileen […]

I want to be a pretty boy

I’ve never been a manly man. When I was younger, I watched quite a bit of television. I remember lots of the imagery I was presented with quite vividly. In almost every case, I wanted to be the girls. Growing up, I quickly learned that wanting to be more like the girls was a desire […]

Is there a difference between fetish, kink, and sex?

With recent explorations into the realm of friends-who-also-have-sex realm, something that has come to my mind recently is what kind of distinctions I can draw between fetish, kink, and sex. There are actually so many things that make up what we usually call in one pathetically limiting word “sexuality” that this is actually a very […]

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