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SsexBbox: Gender is a text field

When I met sexuality documentary filmmaker Priscilla Bertucci back in March, I knew I’d want to check out her project, SsexBbox as soon as I could. The project is a far-reaching one, using many forms of media, and aims to explore sexuality itself as a first-class subject of study rather than merely something humans do […]

Breaking Pornography’s Fourth Wall: Erotic satisfaction as a function of gaze

I was wrong when I wrote that Lady Porn Day was “neither inspiring nor impressive.” It did inspire something. Specifically, aside from my own post on the subject, it inspired this comment from Kay: if we can accept that the porn that naturally appeals to submissive men is images of men being submissive, couldn’t the […]

Women with male gazes: Why “Lady Porn Day” is neither inspiring, nor impressive

If you haven’t yet heard of Rabbit White’s latest project, Lady Porn Day, you probably will soon. She’s apparently discussing it with Dan Savage, Cindy Gallop of “Make Love Not Porn” fame has been pimping it on Twitter, and she’s been sending pseudo-press releases out via email (which I know because I got one). While […]

I celebrated KinkForAll’s 1 year anniversary on the radio!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Lilycat on her radio show about KinkForAll San Francisco, happening at the Women’s Building on March 21st, the first day of Spring! The interview was a lot of fun, and I’m particularly pleased to share it because today, March 8th 2010, is the 1 year anniversary […]

KinkForAll New York City: Rest and Recovery and Then We Do It All Over Again

Wednesday Wanderings: Gendered Semantic Web, Vulcan Sex, and more

Been working hard in other parts of my endeavors recently, and am especially happy to see interest begin to pick up in the HyperTextual Porn experiments I’m hosting and hoping to develop. In the mean time, here are some links for light reading for you: I realize this will probably be “too techy” for some […]

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