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My latest sex toy review and thoughts at day’s end

This week’s theme is “not here,” I suppose, because right on the heels of Rori’s fantastic top sex blogger list I have another (albeit really short) list of really awesome things for you. No introductions this time, let’s just get straight down to business. A Pleasurably Versatile Experience – This is my latest sex toy […]

Rocking the Boat. By which I mean I also enjoy a good facial

Eileen is always berating me for being an ass. It’s true: I’m kind of an ass. I’m probably mostly an ass when I’m wiggling my bum at her trying to get attention so she’ll spank me or fuck me or something like that, but she claims I’m also often an ass when I’m writing in […]

The boy next door is also bisexual

Today I was wandering around the blogosphere and found a link via The Sex Carnival to this report on a poll about the prevalence of bisexuality that made me stop and think. The brief article touches on quite a few topics that I am finding immediately relevant. These topics are: Hostility towards bisexual-identified people, most […]

How an outdated view of masculinity ignores the needs of all men

La Belle Dame Sans Merci As his posts usually do these days, this post of Figleaf’s got me thinking about personal needs, how we provide for those needs, and how those needs become needs in the first place. In it, he says: Just as we indoctrinate men to strive so mightily to provide that they/we […]

We’re all different: when sex isn’t attractive

The very awesome thing about knowledge is that it makes things simpler and more complicated at the same time. The more I understand about things, how they work, why they behave the way they do, the less scary and overwhelming things around me become. At the same time, learning something new always makes me feel […]

The rules of flirting are sexist and wrong

When I was a little boy, I was uncomfortable in social situations. My mother has a VHS videocassette of me in kindergarten. In it, I am sitting on one of my teachers’ lap while all the other girls and boys are sitting in a circle. “Don’t you want to sit with the other kids?” you […]

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