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My opinions on youth at KinkForAll unconferences

Undoubtedly, some of the moral panic over KinkForAll unconferences (and perhaps me by association) is the fact that the events, which are intentionally open to the public, welcome everyone’s participation. In numerous instances, because of this “anti-invite” and open-doors philosophy, people who would not otherwise have been able to access group discussions about sexuality-related issues […]

Addressing Donna M. Hughes and Margaret Brooks’ concerns over KinkForAll unconferences

Following Marie’s example, let’s all take a deep breath. Even though I feel defamed by Donna M. Hughes and Margaret Brooks, I want to address the crux of their concerns about KinkForAll unconferences and ask for their advice. Discreetly tucked away at the end of a 6 page personal assault, they wrote: The open and […]

On Talking to Children and Adolescents about BDSM and Sex

In the past few months, I’ve seen a sharp increase in personal correspondence from people who are asking me (often via email) for clarifications, expansions, or simply personal advice. I’m flattered that people are beginning to look to me for serious advice on what are often painful or difficult questions. At the same time, I’m […]

Sexual Adultism at KinkForAll Washington DC

On Youth, Sexuality, Education, and Your Fears

In just 3 weeks time, on November 21st, the sexuality education, health, and rights conference series that many people, including me, have been working on for months is going to be held at the Montgomery County Executive Office Building, a 5 minute walk from the Rockville Metro station in the Washington, DC metro area. I’m […]

Freeing Sexuality Information at KinkForAll Boston

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