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FetLife iCalendar: Hate FetLife, but want to know what’s going on in your Scene? There’s an App For That.

Hi folks! I imagine that we would be likely to have a conversation that goes something like this: ME: “FetLife is shit.” YOU: “I know, I hate FetLife. But it’s where I learn about what’s going on in my community!” ME: “You mean like for events and stuff?”YOU: “Yeah.” ME: *sigh.* I get it. Like […]

Help me check BDSM’s privilege at the next KinkForAll unconference

The irony of what I’ll momentarily write about makes me giggle. The rawness of it makes me sad. And the details of it make me very angry. Last Saturday, February 25th, dozens upon dozens of people converged on the Tivoli Student Union for KinkForAll Denver (KFADEN). To many, the event was a thrilling and eye-opening […]

Invisibility versus Illegibility: KinkForAll shows how “kink” is everything you didn’t know it can be

Update: KinkForAll Denver was great, and having fallen ill, I am far too exhausted to say anymore more than that. Keep an eye on the blogosphere’s KFADEN tagspace for others’ opinions. :) Update: Although there was some media coverage about KinkForAll Denver, most coverage was unfortunately petty. Nevertheless, I’m proud to have taken part in […]

March Events and a Segment on Sexploration with Monika

I’m unexpectedly more busy than I know how to handle. Between the theory and excellent commentary my post last week is generating and all that I’m doing, I wake up each morning (or, afternoon as the case may be) and don’t know what I want to engage with first. What an incredible turn-around from last […]

KinkForAll versus Stop Porn Culture: guess who’s filthier!

Over at the Washington City Paper, Amanda Hess wrote about her experiences at KinkForAll Washington DC 2 and Dr. Gail Dines’ Stop Porn Culture anti-porn activist briefing on The Hill last Tuesday. Her column is well worth a read, and exposes the should-be-obvious blatant hypocrisy with which fear-mongering anti-porn crusaders conduct themselves on a regular […]

Certain Unalienable Rights: Freedom of Expression and Sexuality in the Name of Liberty

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