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One night, I fell in love

Back on May 3rd, 2005, a bit after 4 AM in the morning, I came home from an evening out at one of TES‘s “College Night” parties at New York City’s local BDSM club, Paddles. A little over a month earlier, I had first met Eileen at Conversio Virium, but it had been significantly less […]

Giving me wings

My life’s doing that thing it sometimes does when so much happens in so little time that the only record of things actually happening is the effects these things have. That makes for a very exciting life, but not a very exciting blog, and this entry is a symptom of that. Therefore, this quick update-that’s-not-really-an-update […]

Marks and pic post Q&A

I was surprised to get a number of comments and questions on my latest post showing a photo of my marked-up back over the weekend and early into the week. It seems that everyone wants to know what kinds of instruments were used. An anonymous reader wrote privately: …those marks are so gorgeous in the […]

The body as our canvas for expression

Mistress 160 has a lovely description of a scene involving CBT with clamps and pegs and clothespins. What’s awesome about the way she desribes the scene is that her descriptions are analogous to a creative act like painting. While my hand moved up and down his cock I considered my next artistic endeavour, as the […]

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