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Published Strap-on Sex Essay; Financial Support not Financial Compensation

Having cast aside the traditional mode of economic security—a 9-5 job—I now find myself with a slew of new opportunities. Now it’s up to me to start following up on them. I was asked to write an essay for Furry Girl‘s latest independent porn site, Unlike most porn sites, whose mere descriptions turn me […]

I, too, kink on BDSM stereotypes

As sometimes happens, the Internet sends me alerts of things I’ve told it I might find interesting. Tonight, Delilah Wood’s post, Questioning Desires: A place for sissies and worms? splashed onto my radar. Reading the post, I found it heartening to find that there are people, like Delilah, who have been reading me and, even […]

Why Doesn’t Have Comments

Over the past few months, I’ve been regularly updating a site called It’s a photo blog in which I curate erotic imagery from around the Internet for a singularly directed purpose: to challenge the prevailing stereotypes of what submissive men look like, want, and feel—stereotypes that I believe actively undermine the erotic fulfillment of […]

Now I remember why I love and hate New York City’s BDSM scene

So, this is a complete and utter rant, because that’s just the mood I’m in. Also, it’s my blog. In case you didn’t know, I rant hard (and fast). My first half-week in New York City has been an utter roller coaster. In these few short days after I (mostly) finished regrouping with friends, I […]

8 Things Submissive Men Want From A Dominant Partner

My friend over at Kink In Exile, has recently posted a fantastic list of 8 things dominant women want. The list is so spot-on that I think it is a must-read regardless of whether you are in or are looking for a kinky relationship or not—or even if you’re not even “into all this kink […] or Why I Am Crowdsourcing My Own Pornography

So, here’s the problem: There is not enough porn wherein submissive men are the erotic subject matter. If you’ve read even a little bit of this blog, you’re probably already well-versed in many of my rants about how paltry the available porn is for submissive men like me (and, by extension, dominant women like Eileen). […]

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