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The kink culture of fear

Where do I start? Do I begin with the retelling of the stories from years now long past, or with this weekend? It’s hard to tell what would be more effective. This weekend, while filled with spectacularly virginal experiences for most people in the realms of play, pain, pleasure, and of course sex, was actually […]

Where’s the pain?

It is still fascinating to me how differently I react to pain when it is inflicted on the buttocks versus on the back versus on the face versus some other location. So much focus is often placed on the implement causing this pain but it’s always been that the location of the pain has a […]

Don’t be nice

I have this lovely little buddy icon of this pretty boy on the floor, leaning back wearing a sweater jacket that reads, “Protect me from the things I want.” I love that icon because the boy looks so sultry and so vulnerable and so seductive and so helpless all at the same time. I want […]

Professional Domination is actually Professional, remember?

If you’re tired of this topic, too bad. In fact, blame Calico this time, since she rekindled it. :P She’s been musing over pro-domming again and, as usual, generously shares a lot of her thoughts. I happen to think my style of sex work is a fantastic deal for all involved, the best bargain (marked […]

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