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Anti-censorship best practices for the sex-positive publisher – Atlanta Poly Weekend 2011

FetLife Considered Harmful: The Risks of Sex Ghettoization – KinkForAll Providence 2

Conversation with Clarisse Thorn about Kink, Inc.’s “hymen-gate”

“Internet time” makes “dog years” look like they happen in evolutionary terms; slow. So it’s no surprise that barely 2 months later, Kink, Inc.’s “hymen-gate” fiasco, as it’s been christened, is probably well beyond the memory of most sex bloggers. I already said most of my piece, but it’s still very, very interesting and brought […]

It’s not changing the world that’s hard

Honor thy language: “kinky” is an adjective, not an activity

Since I was a boy, I have been confronted with the maddening reality of being told to second-guess myself, that due to who I am (a person diagnosed with bipolar disorder) I can’t trust my own thoughts or feelings. Then I grew up and I learned that certain words do not mean to others what […]

On Transparency in Activism: Why Being Anti-Craigslist is Anti-Justice

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