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Why Orgasm Logger? Well, why not?

This is majorly cool: Viviane linked Orgasm Logger in her Links for January 4th, 2008 post and it’s since been picked up by Boinkology, and a few higher-profile bloggers are beginning to display Orgasm Logger counters on their sites, too, like Tom Paine. A few months ago, a search for “Orgasm Logger” revealed only a […]

Orgasm Logger source code available

I realize I’ve gone missing in action with regards to this blog. I have proper excuses, don’t you worry, but instead of sharing those boring tidbits of my life with you I thought I’d instead share this rousing development: the source code to Orgasm Logger is now publicly and freely accessible. I’ve set up a […]

Hardware rearrangements cause Orgasm Logger to come down

While switching up my computer set up, something along the way has caused a problem with my web server, causing it and Orgasm Logger to come down. Unfortunately, I’m not able to remedy the situation right now and tomorrow is a work day, which means I’ll have to put this on hold for a while. […]

Orgasm Logger is down but I’m in Jersey

Unfortunately, for some reason, Orgasm Logger has been brought down due to network connectivity issues. This means your counters will have stopped showing up and the Orgasm Logger web site is unavailable. This is remarkably bad timing (is a network outage ever good timing?) because I am off at The Floating World in New Jersey […]

I’ve not been blogging because I’ve been coding

I have been completely remiss in blogging these past few weeks. For this I would apologize, save for the fact that I’ve been doing a whole other kind of writing. It’s taken a little longer than I would have liked and the result is anything but finished, but I’ve finally completed making Orgasm Logger public. […]

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