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rolequeer thoughts – [a reply to princess-poophead’s concerns about current public conflicts]

princess-poophead: Omg there is so much conflict in the #rolequeer tag and it’s bringing me downn because I don’t super agree with the person who popularized the term (I also really don’t like them because they like threaten violence in a douchey and like kind of over-the-top corny dorky way?) but I also don’t agree […]

Rolequeer ALL the things

lyricalagony: rolequeer: There have been some posts about what rolequeer sex looks like and what rolequeer porn looks like, but what about all the non-sex stuff? What does a rolequeer friendship look like? And a rolequeer workplace? (I’m tempted to say I’d be an anarchist workplace) Rolequeer parenting? Rolequeer activism?Heck, rolequeer cooking or rolequeer art or rolequeer anything! […]

What I mean when I say “Submissive”

I need to emphasize this: I have zero tolerance for domination. None. Not any. I have no tolerance for being parented; my parents finally figured this out, and now our relationship is way better than it was when they were trying to parent me. I have no tolerance for being schooled; the whole reason I […]

Attention Rolequeers: First they ignore us. Then they laugh at us. Then they fight us. Then we win.

rivai-lution: Lmfao @ these vanilla ass bitches calling themselves fucking ~*~rolequeer~*~ are you fucking kidding me rn  If you’re not into BDSM then see yourself the fuck out of the community and stop making cute lil posts about your dumbshit opinions on tumblr and confusing everyone with your pointless bullshit.  It’s cool if you’re not […]

How to have hot, kinky sex with other Submissives without inviting a Dom

FRIEND: Reading the blog posts [about rolequeerness] have also given me a glimpse into the problem I have with so much of the BDSM Scene. Like when I hear one submissive say they couldn’t play with another submissive because they wouldn’t take the lead. I always asked myself, “wait, what? Why?” ME: Oh that was […]

Turning discussions about anti-violence tools into discussions about their toolmaker is harmful. Please stop.

The other day, LifeHacker featured Predator Alert Tool for OkCupid on its homepage. Today, I received an email from the post’s author, stating that “the Predator Alert Tool post [is] doing well, but as you warned, some people have descended on it with comments and accusations about you specifically.” The email then detailed several accusations, […]

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