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Community? Fuck the community. This isn’t for them, anyway.

That word gets bandied around a lot: “community.” It’s a stupid word. It doesn’t mean anything unless you define it, and since everyone has a different definition of what it means, you always have to define it. Which means you can’t ever use it and trust that what you say is what other people hear. […]

I am no Hercules

Earlier this evening, I recorded what may be one of the final Kink On Tap shows, Kink On Tap Episode 67. In addition to making that announcement, there were some more things I strongly felt needed saying. I basically sat down and wrote a stream-of-consciousness set of notes from which I based what I wanted […]

My Beautiful Kind Profile: “Sex, like a bright candle, has no innate morality”

Over the summer of 2010, Kendra (aka The Beautiful Kind), asked me for a brief email interview to make a profile for her column “You Are The Beautiful Kind.” Recently, however, it had vanished from her website and over email she told me she decided to take down the entry with the answers she solicited […]

Stand Against Stigma: Don’t Succumb to a Fear of Sex, Sexual Speech, or Sexual Freedom

I have marched in two Pride Parades. Both times, I marched with the group of people who are skilled enough with that most iconic symbol of sadomasochistic sex to make some serious noise: the single tail whip. I remember the experiences vividly. Pride day is a good day. I raise my arm, swing the whip, […]

On Youth, Sexuality, Education, and Your Fears

In just 3 weeks time, on November 21st, the sexuality education, health, and rights conference series that many people, including me, have been working on for months is going to be held at the Montgomery County Executive Office Building, a 5 minute walk from the Rockville Metro station in the Washington, DC metro area. I’m […]

I, too, kink on BDSM stereotypes

As sometimes happens, the Internet sends me alerts of things I’ve told it I might find interesting. Tonight, Delilah Wood’s post, Questioning Desires: A place for sissies and worms? splashed onto my radar. Reading the post, I found it heartening to find that there are people, like Delilah, who have been reading me and, even […]

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