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Metamour Intensive by Rebecca – Transcending Boundaries Conference 2012

On October 27th, 2012, Rebecca presented her “Metamour Intensive” workshop to a packed room at that year’s Transcending Boundaries Conference. At the time, I tweeted that it was “life changing.” Now, a little over a year later, I can say that, in fact, it was. If you care about having relationships—not just romantic relationships, or […]

From Triads to Triadic Relationships: Polyamory’s superpower is not what you think – Atlanta Poly Weekend 2012 Opening Keynote

This weekend, I’ve been participating in the Atlanta Poly Weekend 2012 (APW2012) conference. Just like last year, I was bowled over by the conference organizers’ hospitality. Just like last year, the conference brought together some of the brightest and most passionate people to discuss polyamory and its relationships with other social communities, political and interpersonal […]

Dreaming of Compassion: Technology, Polyamory, and Social Justice – Public Anthropology Conference 2011

Anti-censorship best practices for the sex-positive publisher – Atlanta Poly Weekend 2011

Wednesday Wanderings #8: Mixed Visions for the New Year

I missed last week’s Wednesday Wanderings due to Christmas, but I’m not really apologizing for that anymore. Instead, I’m just going to move right on into this week’s personal (and somewhat random) picks. Check them out: The most exciting (by far) find of the week for me was Reverend Debra W. Haffner’s blog titled Sexuality […]

The boy next door is also bisexual

Today I was wandering around the blogosphere and found a link via The Sex Carnival to this report on a poll about the prevalence of bisexuality that made me stop and think. The brief article touches on quite a few topics that I am finding immediately relevant. These topics are: Hostility towards bisexual-identified people, most […]

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