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How an outdated view of masculinity ignores the needs of all men

La Belle Dame Sans Merci As his posts usually do these days, this post of Figleaf’s got me thinking about personal needs, how we provide for those needs, and how those needs become needs in the first place. In it, he says: Just as we indoctrinate men to strive so mightily to provide that they/we […]

Quick Thoughts on Blogging, Bisexuality, and Prostate Stimulation (no relation)

Perhaps this should be three separate posts, but whatever. In preparation for Floating World, Jefferson from over on One Life, Take Two has asked for some reader participation. The topics are absolutely fascinating so I couldn’t help but offer my input: 1) Do you blog about sex? Let me know your site, your reasons forblogging, […]

On Ownership and Sharing

Playing with other people in a sexual way has been a new experience. I’m a gigantic slut in my fantasies, but in reality I’ve only ever been with about as many people as I can count on one hand. For some reason, while I feel perfectly okay doing “crazy kinky shit” with people I’ve just […]

Poly Success

Leather Pride Night and Folsom Street East this year were both really fun events. However, for the first time ever, my experience of the events was extremely different from Eileen’s, whose arm I am usually hanging off of for the majority of these sorts of things. This time, instead, she spent a good deal of […]

Co-topping, the kink threesome

A long time ago a friend turned to me one night and said, “I’d play with you.” “Really? Thanks,” I said. This reaction clearly surprised my friend because he stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me quizically. “Thanks? I just told you what amounts to ‘I’ll have sex with you’ in our scene, […]

Is it possible for a submissive to ever be truly polyamorous?

Here’s a question I have been pondering for a long time: How can a submissive reconcile the desire to be with multiple partners (not necessarily simultaneously, but rather enjoy polyamorous relationships) when they also desire to be owned by one of them. This is a seemingly contradictory statement but it is something that has come […]

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