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The Selfish Highlight Reel: Rhode Island Fetish Flair Flea-market Recap

Almost a week and I haven’t posted nary a word in either posts nor comments. What is going on? Despite the praise—which is lovely and makes me feel good, and useful, and accomplished—I have no altruistic goals for my writing, no illusions of where my motivation to keep this blog going stems from. In case […]

On Ownership and Sharing

Playing with other people in a sexual way has been a new experience. I’m a gigantic slut in my fantasies, but in reality I’ve only ever been with about as many people as I can count on one hand. For some reason, while I feel perfectly okay doing “crazy kinky shit” with people I’ve just […]

The psychology of conditioning in a D/s relationship

I’ve been attending a ton more meetings lately. This is certainly due, in large part, to the lovely social explosion my life has recently experienced. It’s a ton of fun to get out of the house, feeling energized (that in itself a function of my work proving much less stressful these past few weeks), and […]

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