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You know I’m angry; let me tell you why

I am so angry. I am so angry that I wouldn’t even have had those four words, without the help of a friend. I’ve felt like this for a while, but I’m saying it now because I keep finding more examples of misdirection and hypocrisy—increasingly disgusting examples—and wore myself to tears trying to record it […]

Breasts AND brains are good for humanity & deserve respect! Introducing: Femquake

As you probably heard, a sexist bigot Iranian Cleric by the name of Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi claimed that women who don’t dress modestly cause earthquakes: Many women who do not dress modestly […] lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes. This ridiculous statement caused 22 year […]

Now I remember why I love and hate New York City’s BDSM scene

So, this is a complete and utter rant, because that’s just the mood I’m in. Also, it’s my blog. In case you didn’t know, I rant hard (and fast). My first half-week in New York City has been an utter roller coaster. In these few short days after I (mostly) finished regrouping with friends, I […]

America’s Sexual Sampler Platter: Everything but Me is on the Menu

I get that New Years is a time of resolution, a time when people feel compelled by the time of year to make themselves better. The holidays are over, all that weight is back around your midsection, and there’s never been a better time to get back in shape, to stop that bad habit, to […]

Men and masks in porn

Here are some preliminary thoughts about something I see pretty often in pornography, especially BDSM (or kink-wanna-be) porn, that I don’t like. Men in such pornography, regardless of whether they are dominant or submissive, gay or straight (as if men’s sexuality is as binary as that), or most any other characteristic that I can think […]

The closet and the importance of others

The mini-renfaire up at the Cloisters this past Summer was an interesting event this year. Interesting not because of the event itself, but because of the sheer number of people Eileen and I ran into—spontaneously—who we know from elsewhere. Obviously, crossover between the kink scene and various other niche subcultures (i.e., renfaires) is huge. Even […]

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