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Fantasy Worlds

One of my severe failings is my notorious inability to “take the bad with the good,” or to “just be okay,” or to do that thing that so many people seem so capable of doing with such relative ease that makes them, by and large, happier more often than I am. Regardless of the freedoms […]

How an outdated view of masculinity ignores the needs of all men

La Belle Dame Sans Merci As his posts usually do these days, this post of Figleaf’s got me thinking about personal needs, how we provide for those needs, and how those needs become needs in the first place. In it, he says: Just as we indoctrinate men to strive so mightily to provide that they/we […]

The unexpected clarity

I am anal retentive, persistently consistent, and have a notorious dislike for change. Yet whenever something new happens for the first time, I am endlessly fascinated by it. Just such a new thing happened the other night. Allow me to set the scene. It is late, past ten o’clock in the evening. It has been […]

When I’m not feeling submissive

I cycle a lot. (Not a surprise, really, for many reasons, but moving on….) Sometimes I’m all submissive and hurt-me-use-me and sometimes I’m not. I haven’t felt very submissive lately. Not “not submissive” in the sense that now I’m a top or a dominant, not like “oh, see, you’re a guy so you’re not really […]

How not to fuck up a D/s relationship

Tech geekery in both my professional and personal life has kept me away from this blog for a short while, but it was relationship angst that initiated the suspension of my time here. I got upset with Eileen for one reason or another (it doesn’t really matter for this entry). When you’re in a relationship—any […]

A moment

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