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Wednesday Wanderings #8: Mixed Visions for the New Year

I missed last week’s Wednesday Wanderings due to Christmas, but I’m not really apologizing for that anymore. Instead, I’m just going to move right on into this week’s personal (and somewhat random) picks. Check them out: The most exciting (by far) find of the week for me was Reverend Debra W. Haffner’s blog titled Sexuality […]

Love sex or fear god? That is the question.

The answer to god is sex. Think about it. Think about the moment of orgasm. What is going through your mind at that very moment? Something? Anything? Maybe nothing? For me, there’s nothing except the spectacular sensations filling my consciousness. My entire world becomes that orgasmic experience. For a split second, all that exists is […]


I don’t like Halloween. I never did. Halloween is the quintessential children’s holiday. It’s entirely about rewards with no consequences. When you’re a child, that means it’s about the candy. When you’re an adult, that means it’s about whatever the rest of your life can’t be about. For sexually repressed adults (i.e., most adults), that […]

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