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Published Strap-on Sex Essay; Financial Support not Financial Compensation

Having cast aside the traditional mode of economic security—a 9-5 job—I now find myself with a slew of new opportunities. Now it’s up to me to start following up on them. I was asked to write an essay for Furry Girl‘s latest independent porn site, Unlike most porn sites, whose mere descriptions turn me […]

My latest sex toy review and thoughts at day’s end

This week’s theme is “not here,” I suppose, because right on the heels of Rori’s fantastic top sex blogger list I have another (albeit really short) list of really awesome things for you. No introductions this time, let’s just get straight down to business. A Pleasurably Versatile Experience – This is my latest sex toy […]

This is not the post you’re looking for

The post you’re looking for is actually my new review of the Tantus silicone cock ring on Eden’s site. Unless, of course, you really are looking for this one, in which case read on. It was recently my birthday. This is actually a bigger deal than it would otherwise be because I’ve just turned twenty […]

Stuff I use for sex

It’s Thursday and all and I’ve not posted for too long. Australia is keeping me busy, but I’ve had these photos in store for this blog ever since I was packing, and I figure there’s no better time than the present. A while back, Mischief made a pact with Switch and Boy to bare their […]

Fetish fashion is the same no matter where you go

I’m in Sydney, Australia. Without a doubt, the hardest thing about moving across the world for me has been the sudden lack of connectivity to the information I’m so used to getting on a regular basis. Nothing else really compares, because more than anything else the cost of that information is time—something (generally speaking) that […]

The Selfish Highlight Reel: Rhode Island Fetish Flair Flea-market Recap

Almost a week and I haven’t posted nary a word in either posts nor comments. What is going on? Despite the praise—which is lovely and makes me feel good, and useful, and accomplished—I have no altruistic goals for my writing, no illusions of where my motivation to keep this blog going stems from. In case […]

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