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Interlude: Sex Toy Reviews

Obviously, things are a’changin’ ’round here. My template is finally back to normal looks different (hopefully a temporary thing), I’ve moved my blog to my own server, the first sentence of this post sounded as though I was a cowboy…. Clearly the dust has yet to settle. In the mean time, so as not to […]

Kink on Tap 7: Tom Allen

Subscribe to Kink on Tap in iTunesDownload MP3 directly This Kink on Tap is kind of an extended addendum to our previous episode where we talk about and introduce the topic of sexual teasing and denial and chastity play. If you haven’t listened to that episode already, I strongly urge you to do so. The […]

Pegging gets mainstream attention and kinky porn gets rightfully slapped upside its head

Just earlier today a friend sent me to this Savage Love article in the Village Voice. It’s about pegging, aka strap-on sex. We’ve all talked about this before, remember. The reason this article stuck out like a bright and red sore thumb in all the otherwise mundane vanilla-oriented sex advice columns was the nugget of […]

Aneros Helix Sex Toy Review

Don’t ask me why, but I wanted to try my hand at wrting a sex toy review. I’d never done it before, you know. I had to think a bit about which toy from my collection I should write about. I could have written about the Fleshlight, or about the Hitachi Magic Wand, however I’ve […]

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