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Open Letter to HOPE Number Nine Speaker Committee: It’s lose-lose if sexism wins

Dear HOPE Number Nine Speaker Committee, Please accept my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience that my choice not to participate in the HOPE9 conference this year may cause you as organizers. I’d also like to thank you once again for accepting one of my two session proposals. I’m thrilled to know my “Anti-Censorship Best Practices: […]

“Good boy,” and other kinds of complicated sex

Imagine my pleasant surprise when my Internet radar picked up a great post by a thoughtful new feminist BDSM blogger. FeministSub has a thing or two (or three) to say about the phrase “good girl” worth pointing out: “Good girl.” I don’t think there’s anything that captures my mixed feelings about submission like that phrase. […]

Yes, men can be feminist leaders.

I don’t claim clairvoyance and I work pretty hard to unpack the privilege I know I have as a white man. But I can also identify with a collective experience of being oppressed—and this is not unique to anyone reading, regardless of your biology or psyche. I believe every inequality oppresses the oppressors as well […]

Femquake Fallout: Feminism, the Internet and Boobquake (and Brainquake)

Boobquake was hilarious. Above all else, the joke turned media frenzy turned factional feminist debate taught me that the Internet is like a giant game of telephone. No matter what someone says, someone else will misconstrue it as something totally different. And y’know what? That’s not so terrible. Here’s why. The Internet is like a […]

Orgasm Denial Does Not Submissive Men Make

One of the things that has seriously bugged me for a very long time is how lots of people think about submissiveness, particularly but not necessarily as it relates to male sexuality. It bugs me because for all the lip service paid to respecting submission, very little about the way it’s discussed actually seems to […]

Please read poignant commentary on Hope Witsell’s suicide

This morning, I woke up and followed a link to some incredibly poignant commentary about Hope Witsell’s suicide, a topic I tried and failed to talk about the way I wanted to on the most recent Kink On Tap episode. Thankfully, I now have Sylvia’s words to put to my feelings. In What happened to […]

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