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The unexpected clarity

I am anal retentive, persistently consistent, and have a notorious dislike for change. Yet whenever something new happens for the first time, I am endlessly fascinated by it. Just such a new thing happened the other night. Allow me to set the scene. It is late, past ten o’clock in the evening. It has been […]

Kink on Tap 7: Tom Allen

Subscribe to Kink on Tap in iTunesDownload MP3 directly This Kink on Tap is kind of an extended addendum to our previous episode where we talk about and introduce the topic of sexual teasing and denial and chastity play. If you haven’t listened to that episode already, I strongly urge you to do so. The […]

Kink on Tap 6: Sexual Teasing and Denial

Subscribe to Kink on Tap in iTunesDownload MP3 directly In lieu of the fast-approaching Floating World convention, rather than do a Kink on Tap roundtable as I’m (trying) to do regularly, I thought this time I’d share some of the fun around for those of you unlucky enough not to be able to attend. SaraEileen […]

The first blowjob I’ve ever bottomed to

This morning a friend asked me to give her an image that turns me on, followed by an image that is iconic of a “top” or a “domme” and then to determine whether the answers to those two questions share any key visual elements. Yes, this friend’s really smart, by the way. In response, I […]

Real Ultimate Male Chastity

I’m finally starting to feel a little bit better today. In celebration, I thought I’d share with you all one of my older web pages, created back in February of this year with the help of two good friends. This one is about Real Ultimate Male Chastity. I hope you enjoy it. Also, if you’re […]

Aneros Helix Sex Toy Review

Don’t ask me why, but I wanted to try my hand at wrting a sex toy review. I’d never done it before, you know. I had to think a bit about which toy from my collection I should write about. I could have written about the Fleshlight, or about the Hitachi Magic Wand, however I’ve […]

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