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There Is No BDSM Mecca

In the past month-and-a-bit, I’ve touched down in San Francisco, found a studio apartment to rent, and began looking for some kind of employment. (I’m still looking, actually.) My first BDSM event was a “Peer Rope Workshop” at the SF Citadel that Fivestar, an amazingly talented rigger and self-bondage enthusiast, alerted me to. Amid the […]

Now I remember why I love and hate New York City’s BDSM scene

So, this is a complete and utter rant, because that’s just the mood I’m in. Also, it’s my blog. In case you didn’t know, I rant hard (and fast). My first half-week in New York City has been an utter roller coaster. In these few short days after I (mostly) finished regrouping with friends, I […]

CBT? WTF is up with that?

I just got an email I thought was pretty funny. In it, the sender implies a conspicuous lack of an item from my toy collection: weights. I mean, doesn’t everyone have weights, at least for cock and ball torture? Actually, no, I responded…and why would I? I don’t actually like cock and ball torture that […]

Wednesday Wanderings #9: Winds of Change

It’s Wednesday, so let’s just dive right in! For a long, long time I wished I had been sent to a Montessori school when I was younger because one of my tried-and-true learning techniques comes from making associations between things other people would not typically realize could be applicable to one another. I made one […]

Three easy steps to meeting and playing with people in BDSM clubs

While filling the Conversio Virium calendar with other group’s events to publicize to the CV crowd, I came across a curious meeting topic that DomSubFriends (one of our local NYC BDSM groups) is going to be presenting on shortly. It is a presentation, taught by a dominant man and intended for other men regardless of […]

On kinky competence

Few “bedroom kinky” people I have heard of have ever shown a concerted effort to pick up an anatomy book with a mind towards safer rougher sex—though it’s obvious, even to them, why they might want to consider it. These are the kinds of people I have never found attractive. They never take the time to analyze their own successes or their failures, and consequently sentence themselves to lives of mediocre experiences at best or, more commonly, continuous bewildered failure.

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