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Draw The Line — Against Transphobic Violence in Schools 2021

Narrator: Eight years later….

This is what the difference between BDSM’ers and anti-rape kinksters looks like

Shortly after I published my last post, “What happens when a healthcare company’s employee takes down a rape survivor support site?” I received permission to publish an email from yet another PAT-FetLife user. It’s particularly relevant because it directly counters one of the most frequently cited justifications for why the healthcare company employee, Caroline Tyler, […]

Predator Alert Tool for Twitter is now available as a WordPress plugin

Predator Alert Tool for Twitter is now available as a WordPress plugin: Predator Alert Tool for Twitter empowers you to document harassment on Twitter and alert others about predatory users. What constitutes “predatory” is entirely up to you; the software makes no claim as to what behavior hurts you. Predator Alert Tool for Twitter can […]

Facial recognition scans added to Predator Alert Tool for FetLife

With the Predator Alert Tool for FetLife installed in your browser, every time you load someone’s FetLife profile page, their profile picture is now scanned using the facial recognition service provided by and matched against mugshots in the United States’s national Sex Offender Registry. Here’s what it looks like in your browser: Click the […]

Thank you, hater, for helping me improve the Web accessibility of my blog

There is a hate blog on Tumblr that has called me “evil” and begun recording dramatic readings of my posts. As I understand it, blogs like that are technically against the Tumblr “Community Guidelines,” because it’s directed solely and wholly at an individual (me). But their readings means that I can use their recordings to […]

The difference between an accident and an assault is what happens next.

The binary consent models only consider two-thirds of the scope of an interaction that involves a withdrawing of consent: everything that leads up to the breach, and the breach. They posit that these are the only determinants of “was it rape?”, not anything that happens afterward. My partner was terrified they’d assaulted me, but everything […]

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