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You can’t “get revenge” unless you know what you want.

So I’m sitting in this little diner on Lorain Avenue that has a 3-egg $2.99 breakfast special. As I’m finishing my meal, I notice Tracy Harms taking off his jacket a number of booths down from me. It’s unmistakably him: broad-rimmed hat, huge sideburns, and he’s sitting with two other people. As I twist in […]

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place: Technomaddery, Cyberbusking, and More

Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down. —Ray Bradbury Earlier today, December 31st, 2011, I filed my thirty-day notice of intent to vacate my San Francisco apartment. On the one hand, I simply can’t financially afford my little studio in the Tenderloin any longer. No, I […]

March Events and a Segment on Sexploration with Monika

I’m unexpectedly more busy than I know how to handle. Between the theory and excellent commentary my post last week is generating and all that I’m doing, I wake up each morning (or, afternoon as the case may be) and don’t know what I want to engage with first. What an incredible turn-around from last […]

Why Advocating Both Privacy and Transparency is not Hypocritical

Recently, I received the following question from an anonymous reader over on the Internet equivalent of my scratchpad, my Tumblr blog. While I believe that transparency is necessary…is it hypocritical to use the mask of a pseudonym and alternate persona to share sexually-explicit thoughts of a challenging nature? Should people who stand by transparency eschew […]

Copies Combat Censorship: An Idea for Distributing Controversial Material in Hostile Online Environments

Since I’m already censored in a lot of places, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about censorship even before the whole WikiLeaks thing exploded. I gave a short, 5 minute talk summarizing my thoughts on the matter tonight at Noisebridge’s 5 Minutes of Fame. Here’s a video of my slideshow presentation along with a […]

Feels like validation: “When I found Kink On Tap I was elated to find…”

It’s my blog, and I’ll post what I want to. And today, I want to post this: [T]hey were coming from an unashamed left perspective on [Kink On Tap….] I got sooo much information that I’m already applying to my perception of gender in the real world. And just a lot more understanding of how […]

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