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Wednesday Wanderings: 1984 wasn’t so bad. 1986 was, though.

Well. It’s been another hard week. So, on to a couple of things from a while ago. Rejecting The Gender Binary In Fashion » Sociological Images This new-to-me post strikes close to home because it's a much louder example, visually speaking, of my own clothing preferences. why are department stores separated in clothes for women […]

Wednesday Wanderings: Nostalgic Old White Men and Everyone Else

It’s kind of been a shitty week. Yeah, that’s all I’ve got to say right now. But here’s some non-shitty things for you to read. A Thai Region Where Husbands Are Imported – While the title of this article might make you think of gender role reversal, its contents are profoundly disappointing for anyone […]

Wednesday Wanderings: Stupid People See Sex as Shame and Stigma

Look, sex is political. I’m really, really sorry about that because the people who that fact hurts the most are the people who aren’t empowered to live or fuck the way they want, but it is. And with this week’s midterm election just past, here’s a couple of links driving that point home that caught […]

Wednesday Wanderings: On Aliens and Strip Clubs (but not Alien Strip Clubs)

Innately, I seek out information from a variety of sources. This is because I truly believe that multiple perspectives are necessary to understand one thing. With Kink On Tap, I’ve been able to turn my media consumption routine into a media production routine, but sometimes I find things that are more fitting to put here […]

Wednesday Wanderings: Gendered Semantic Web, Vulcan Sex, and more

Been working hard in other parts of my endeavors recently, and am especially happy to see interest begin to pick up in the HyperTextual Porn experiments I’m hosting and hoping to develop. In the mean time, here are some links for light reading for you: I realize this will probably be “too techy” for some […]

My latest sex toy review and thoughts at day’s end

This week’s theme is “not here,” I suppose, because right on the heels of Rori’s fantastic top sex blogger list I have another (albeit really short) list of really awesome things for you. No introductions this time, let’s just get straight down to business. A Pleasurably Versatile Experience – This is my latest sex toy […]

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