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Stale and stagnant, also whips

This Sunday, Eileen and I are going to be presenting our third presentation at Uber’s Skill Share Workshops. This time, we’ll be doing a presentation on playing with single-tails. I’ll admit we don’t have much of an outline for it yet, but we do have some creative ideas for how to do the class which […]

One, sir: On Titles in Scenes

Reading through my own personal journal’s archives reminded me of how early on many of the thoughts, feelings, and ideas that I express today have been inside of me. It’s also shown me how some things changed, and looking at which things have changed and which have not is an interesting pursuit in itself. This […]

The kink culture of fear

Where do I start? Do I begin with the retelling of the stories from years now long past, or with this weekend? It’s hard to tell what would be more effective. This weekend, while filled with spectacularly virginal experiences for most people in the realms of play, pain, pleasure, and of course sex, was actually […]

A moment

Orgasm Logger is down but I’m in Jersey

Unfortunately, for some reason, Orgasm Logger has been brought down due to network connectivity issues. This means your counters will have stopped showing up and the Orgasm Logger web site is unavailable. This is remarkably bad timing (is a network outage ever good timing?) because I am off at The Floating World in New Jersey […]

Where’s the pain?

It is still fascinating to me how differently I react to pain when it is inflicted on the buttocks versus on the back versus on the face versus some other location. So much focus is often placed on the implement causing this pain but it’s always been that the location of the pain has a […]

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