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On Rolequeer Methodology: Effective ideological anarchism

R. Foxtale has a new blog post up discussing some interesting meta points related to rolequeer theory and, specifically, the methodology behind its own theorizing: We’re not professional academics, not professional activists, not professional writers, nothing – nor do we aspire to any of those positions of authority. We are kids on the Internet trying […]

Boiled frogs can’t censor Blog Nine and Three-Quarters

This image is a Tumblr message I received recently and it’s indicative of a problem whose scope I want more people to understand. Here’s the message: fishingforanvils: Thanks for having your own domain name – it helps me get past the school’s proxy servers and read up about rolequeer theory unobstructed! This is particularly timely […]

Non-monogamy: A Human Internet for Compassionate Payloads

This article first appeared on the Good Vibes Magazine, and is slated to appear in this month’s issue of SsexBbox‘s pocket ‘zine. The Dalai Lama once said, “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” But today, as environmentalist and author Paul Hawken observed, “goods seem to have become more important, […]

SsexBbox: Gender is a text field

When I met sexuality documentary filmmaker Priscilla Bertucci back in March, I knew I’d want to check out her project, SsexBbox as soon as I could. The project is a far-reaching one, using many forms of media, and aims to explore sexuality itself as a first-class subject of study rather than merely something humans do […]

Anti-censorship best practices for the sex-positive publisher – Atlanta Poly Weekend 2011

FetLife fallout: the best and the worst early responses to “FetLife Considered Harmful”

The following are three replies I wrote to several threads within FetLife that I started regarding my post, FetLife Considered Harmful: The Risks of Sex Ghettoization. They exemplify some of the best and the worst early responses to my presentation, and in many cases perfectly showcase the kind of imbecilic, lazy, self-consoling thinking so common […]

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