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An appeal for safe intellectual exploration: Touch me thoughtfully

Ever since I became the focus of certain political and legal pressure, I’ve been scared of reflecting too casually on thoughts or feelings filling me. For a time, this blog became more like a broadcast station than a personal journal. I also became guarded because the people closest to me, the ones from whom I […]

Feels like validation: “When I found Kink On Tap I was elated to find…”

It’s my blog, and I’ll post what I want to. And today, I want to post this: [T]hey were coming from an unashamed left perspective on [Kink On Tap….] I got sooo much information that I’m already applying to my perception of gender in the real world. And just a lot more understanding of how […]

The BDSM community ghetto, and other cultural problems

Some months back, while I was still using my sanitized outside voice, Alice Archer contacted me for an article she was doing about “The Changing Face of Female Domination,” slated to be published in Filament Magazine. Now that the article is out (a preview is available if you turn to page 34, and have Flash), […]

Playing on the Edge

This is what the cover of this book looks like. Seem familiar? It might. Congratulations to the author (who used the photo with permission) on the publication of her ethnographic research. I’m looking forward to reading a copy myself.

My Beautiful Kind Profile: “Sex, like a bright candle, has no innate morality”

Over the summer of 2010, Kendra (aka The Beautiful Kind), asked me for a brief email interview to make a profile for her column “You Are The Beautiful Kind.” Recently, however, it had vanished from her website and over email she told me she decided to take down the entry with the answers she solicited […]

How Sex-negative Lies Perpetuate a Fear-based Culture

“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.” —Marianne Williamson The sex-negative strategy is composed of two major stages, each with its own primary tactic. First, scare; second, confuse. Both tactics are wielded against institutions (a political party, universities, medical associations, etc.) and individuals (activists, celebrities, researchers, journalists, etc.). In […]

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