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KinkForAll versus Stop Porn Culture: guess who’s filthier!

Over at the Washington City Paper, Amanda Hess wrote about her experiences at KinkForAll Washington DC 2 and Dr. Gail Dines’ Stop Porn Culture anti-porn activist briefing on The Hill last Tuesday. Her column is well worth a read, and exposes the should-be-obvious blatant hypocrisy with which fear-mongering anti-porn crusaders conduct themselves on a regular […]

Femquake Fallout: Feminism, the Internet and Boobquake (and Brainquake)

Boobquake was hilarious. Above all else, the joke turned media frenzy turned factional feminist debate taught me that the Internet is like a giant game of telephone. No matter what someone says, someone else will misconstrue it as something totally different. And y’know what? That’s not so terrible. Here’s why. The Internet is like a […]

The Salvation Army incites personal attacks against me; a blog reply

Update: The attacks against me originated from Donna M. Hughes and Margaret Brooks; the Salvation Army republished and more widely distributed Donna M. Hughes’ and Margaret Brooks’ vicious insinuations. See the bottom of this post for details. Acting on what you believe in is an easy thing to do. At first. But then mean, angry, […]

Published Strap-on Sex Essay; Financial Support not Financial Compensation

Having cast aside the traditional mode of economic security—a 9-5 job—I now find myself with a slew of new opportunities. Now it’s up to me to start following up on them. I was asked to write an essay for Furry Girl‘s latest independent porn site, Unlike most porn sites, whose mere descriptions turn me […]

Please read poignant commentary on Hope Witsell’s suicide

This morning, I woke up and followed a link to some incredibly poignant commentary about Hope Witsell’s suicide, a topic I tried and failed to talk about the way I wanted to on the most recent Kink On Tap episode. Thankfully, I now have Sylvia’s words to put to my feelings. In What happened to […]

Online reputation management for sex bloggers; when a tweet won’t do

On Twitter today, @nellodee and @wilhelminawang had a conversation in which @wilheminawang expressed desire to come “out” (of the closet) with regards to the sexual aspects of her life, but also expressed concern that the result of doing so would be socially damaging. She said she feared that coming out would mean Internet searches for […]

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