Welcome to my playground. The playground is a place in cyberspace for me to experiment with fun and sexy things. It is also a place where I can store (or at least list and link to) some of the more “unfinished” or “work in progress” things I am cooking up in my spare time. Have a look:

  • Preferred Gender Pronouns for Facebook – A simple implementation of “gender as a text field” that allows you to choose a non-binary gender identity and appropriate pronouns for use with Facebook.
  • Predator Alert Tool for OkCupid – Flags problematic answers that OkCupid users have made public, such as admissions of committing rape and sexual assault.
  • Predator Alert Tool for FetLife – Enables you to view reports of consent violating behavior allegedly perpetrated by FetLife users, and make such reports anonymously.
  • FetLife Text Search – Allows you to perform full-text searches for an arbitrary keyword, phrase, or user nickname across large amounts of content on FetLife.com.
  • FetLife Demographics – Displays a demographic breakdown of profiles that have RSVP’ed “yes” to a FetLife.com event, providing an at-a-glance view of who may be participating in the event.
  • FetLife Alleged Abusers Database Engine (FAADE) – A userscript that alerts you of profiles on FetLife belonging to people who have reportedly violated others’ consent.
  • FetLife Age/Sex/Location Search – A userscript that allows you to search FetLife profiles based on custom criteria such as age, sex, location, and role.
  • Better FetLife – A userscript that enhances FetLife.com pages with all kinds of special goodies. Requires in combination with browser add-ons such as Operator (for Firefox) or Microformats (for Google Chrome).
  • Eyes of Arcadia – A userscript that looks for profiles on social networks whose profile name match the one you’re currently looking at.
  • BDSM Bingo! – A lighthearted way to enjoy your time at a BDSM event, alone or in a group. Inspired by a trip to the SF Citadel.
  • Sex and Technology – a presentation subtitled “How Technological Innovation Pushes the Boundaries of Human Sexuality and Vice Versa”. This is a 10MB download, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!
  • Hypertextual Porn – an experiment combining hypertext and erotic literature.
  • Orgasm Permission Machine – the Orgasm Permission Machine is a Mac OS X Dashboard widget that randomly selects tasks from a configurable set that may or may not result in an orgasm.
  • MaleSubmissionArt.com – A reblogging project that aims to challenge the stereotypical visual erotica prevalent in society today. Such stereotypical imagery almost always features overtones of beautiful female submission, or “pathetic” male submission. Instead, I aim to showcase beautiful imagery where masculine submission is the subject matter. Here are some additional details about the project.
  • KinkForAll – KinkForAll is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people of the kink, queer, sex-positive and related communities to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from all participants. It is inspired by and based upon the BarCamp community.

I also have a bunch sexuality-related and WordPress-specific code lying around. Go figure.

  • FetSpank This! WordPress Plugin – a plugin for WordPress-powered sites that adds a button to their content pages which enables visitors to easily share and vote on said content on the social fetish news site FetSpank.com.
  • WP JanesGuide WordPress Plugin – a plugin for WordPress-powered sites that enables you to show your appreciation by easily linking to JanesGuide.com using a widget you can add to your sidebar. If you’ve been favorably reviewed by the fine folks at Jane’s site, you can also pick from one of the cute award icons. (You don’t need to have been reviewed by JanesGuide.com to use this plugin.)

As you can probably tell, I’m really interested in exploring the areas where technology and sexuality (or culture about sexuality) mingle. If you’ve got something to say on the matter, I’d welcome your input.