The Predator Alert Tool for Lulu displays Predator Alerts linked to the profiles of the guys that appear on your Lulu dashboard. Powered by Predator Alert Tool for Facebook.

How it works

There are two major parts to the Predator Alert Tool for Lulu software. The first is a server-side Facebook app where Facebook users can share about an experience they had regarding any other Facebook user’s behavior. The second is a browser-side tool that automatically searches for any stories about the people who show up on your Lulu dashboard and newsfeed as you browse If it finds any, the tool “red-boxes” links to those guys’ cards and offers a link to the stories it found.

Both of these pieces work independently. You can use the Predator Alert Tool for Facebook app inside Facebook without ever installing the browser-side tool on your device, and you can use the browser-side tool without ever allowing the Facebook app access to your Facebook account. (However, in the latter case, the tool will only be able to find stories shared with everyone, not friends-only or other visibility-restricted stories.)

Screenshot of Predator Alert Tool for Lulu showing a guy's card "red-box'ed".

For more information, please read Predator Alert Tool for Facebook.

Change log

  • Version 0.1:
    • Initial prototype, first public release.