Recently, my blog was favorably reviewed by the good folks at For those who don’t know, JanesGuide is one of the oldest and most reputable adult website review sites on the Internet, dating all the way back to 1997 (which was interestingly about when I started establishing myself online, too). When you get a nice review from them, it’s customary to let other people know with a little award icon image that links back to Jane’s site.

Well, since I was reviewed so positively, I wanted to give something more than just a link back to Jane’s site. I decided I’d write a quick WordPress plugin to make it easy(er) for blog authors to link back to them. I call it, very simply, WP-JanesGuide.


Provides a simple-to-use widget and, if you want to use them, two template tags (theme functions): wp_janesguide_award() and wp_janesguide_icon(). These functions display an image of one of two awards in the case of the former or a generic linkback icon in the case of the latter. The widget can display any of these three options.

Use wp_janesguide_award() if your site has received a “quality” (default) or a “quality and original” review from For instance, to display a “quality and original” award icon, use code like this:

<?php wp_janesguide_award('originalquality');?>

Another version of the “quality and original” award icon can be used like this:

<?php wp_janesguide_award('originalquality2');?>

To display the ‘quality’ icon, use:

<?php wp_janesguide_award();?>

These template tags will produce a linked image. You can customize the destination of the link by going to the JanesGuide Settings page in your WordPress Admin screens.

If you have not received a JanesGuide review yet, use:

<?php wp_janesguide_icon();?>


Latest version: is hosted on the WordPress site.

Download the latest version of the WP-JanesGuide WordPress plugin.


  1. screenshot-1
    JanesGuide widget options window allows you to easily choose between four JanesGuide images to display that link to Jane’s site. The “Set plugin options…” link allows you to configure additional, plugin-wide settings.


Version 0.2.1 Released — 2009-03-01

  • Add third award icon option to display the simplified, white background “Quality and Original” image.

Version 0.2 Released — 2009-03-01

  • Add widget capability.

Version 0.1 Released — 2009-02-28

  • Initial release.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about’s linking guidelines, contact information, and so on?

You should read the very succinct webmaster info.

  1. Specifically, it was Essin’ Em. Thanks to you! []