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On Rolequeer Methodology: Effective ideological anarchism

R. Foxtale has a new blog post up discussing some interesting meta points related to rolequeer theory and, specifically, the methodology behind its own theorizing: We’re not professional academics, not professional activists, not professional writers, nothing – nor do we aspire to any of those positions of authority. We are kids on the Internet trying […]

Rolequeerness is not just about “who,” it’s about “how,” too; it is the HOW of effectively criticizing power.

princess-poophead: The more I read on their blogs, the weirder it seems that the rolequeer people aren’t talking about doms/tops as people with races and genders and like ability and stuff which is so weird because they’re talking about BDSM as “the fetishization of oppressive culture” so like don’t the privileges and lack thereof in […]

Rolequeer ALL the things

lyricalagony: rolequeer: There have been some posts about what rolequeer sex looks like and what rolequeer porn looks like, but what about all the non-sex stuff? What does a rolequeer friendship look like? And a rolequeer workplace? (I’m tempted to say I’d be an anarchist workplace) Rolequeer parenting? Rolequeer activism?Heck, rolequeer cooking or rolequeer art or rolequeer anything! […]

What I mean when I say “Submissive”

I need to emphasize this: I have zero tolerance for domination. None. Not any. I have no tolerance for being parented; my parents finally figured this out, and now our relationship is way better than it was when they were trying to parent me. I have no tolerance for being schooled; the whole reason I […]

From Triads to Triadic Relationships: Polyamory’s superpower is not what you think – Atlanta Poly Weekend 2012 Opening Keynote

This weekend, I’ve been participating in the Atlanta Poly Weekend 2012 (APW2012) conference. Just like last year, I was bowled over by the conference organizers’ hospitality. Just like last year, the conference brought together some of the brightest and most passionate people to discuss polyamory and its relationships with other social communities, political and interpersonal […]

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