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Dissecting “A Brief, Mostly Sane Definition of Rolequeerness,” which is not actually a definition of rolequeerness

Okay, so I’m going to dissect this piece by piece. Because we are going to be seeing a lot of this and I am not going to let this shit remain unchallenged. Here goes. nimble-glockenspiel: So I was reading a post on Ozy’s blog (great blog btw) [link removed by maymay because Ozy is an […]

Hate the BDSM Scene? Blame straight people.

The very concept of outing someone is rooted in LGBTQ history. Save for when someone is as out as they can be (as I am), is socially read as trans* (as I often am), or when a person is caught in the act of a homoerotic/queer encounter (as I unfortunately am not very often), LGBTQs […]

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