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Do you feel safe around people who adamantly deny the possibility that they could ever do abusive things?

emotionalexhib: On Rolequeerness – “sharpening the blade” maymay: I originally wrote the following as a reblog/comment on rolequeer‘s post, “On Rolequeerness – “blunting the tip”, but since apparently beyondthevalleyofthefemdoms is still using the #rolequeer tag despite saying they were not going to anymore, and since reblogs do not show up in Tumblr’s tracked tags, I […]

There’s only one thing you need to know about the anti-rolequeer backlash

Here is the most recent example of how the “anti-rolequeers” talk about abuse: these [rolequeer] people are dangerous abusers pushing an interpretation of the acceptability of violence that only serves abusers, using rationalizing language that in my experience is exclusive to abusers, and whatdoyouknow they have a history of being accused of being abusers (Emphasis […]

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