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Anti-censorship best practices for the sex-positive publisher – Atlanta Poly Weekend 2011

Mainstream porn’s bedfellows are not a feminist pornographer’s friends

If you’ve any interest in technology or sex (or, like me, both), then you probably pay attention to the pornography industry. Or at least, you should. For a while now, there’s been a largely predictable lawsuit underway against peer-to-peer porn-sharers brought about by a mainstream (i.e., not even remotely feminist) porn studio called Corbin Fisher. […]

Copies Combat Censorship: An Idea for Distributing Controversial Material in Hostile Online Environments

Since I’m already censored in a lot of places, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about censorship even before the whole WikiLeaks thing exploded. I gave a short, 5 minute talk summarizing my thoughts on the matter tonight at Noisebridge’s 5 Minutes of Fame. Here’s a video of my slideshow presentation along with a […]

What sex has to do with the First World Infowar against Wikileaks

If you had any doubt that the pen is mightier than the sword, the recent release of classified US diplomatic cables by Wikileaks should forever put your doubts to rest. An international outcry the likes of which has not been seen in at least a generation erupted over the issue. And now WikiLeaks founder, Julian […]

On Transparency in Activism: Why Being Anti-Craigslist is Anti-Justice

Margaret Brooks’ Sex Week “Concern” highlights the intersection of sex-negativity and adultism

Sex-negativity often goes hand-in-hand with adultism, a form of ageism that discriminates against young people considered “not adults.” Adultism is so embedded in the structure of society that many institutions, including schools, routinely marginalize young people by silencing their voices, disallowing their participation in decision-making activities, or actively excluding their presence at public assemblies. Nowhere […]

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