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Dissecting Decontextualization: Donna M. Hughes’ Happy Endings?

“FEAR is an acronym in the English language for ‘False Evidence Appearing Real.’ —Neale Donald Walsch Having examined how the sex-negative “scare” tactic is perpetuated, let’s look at the pernicious “confuse” tactic. This tactic relies on an audience not to fact-check, as it includes outright lying, omitting important facts (“de-contextualizing”), and even creating false contexts. […]

Certain Unalienable Rights: Freedom of Expression and Sexuality in the Name of Liberty

Stand Against Stigma: Don’t Succumb to a Fear of Sex, Sexual Speech, or Sexual Freedom

I have marched in two Pride Parades. Both times, I marched with the group of people who are skilled enough with that most iconic symbol of sadomasochistic sex to make some serious noise: the single tail whip. I remember the experiences vividly. Pride day is a good day. I raise my arm, swing the whip, […]

Addressing Donna M. Hughes and Margaret Brooks’ concerns over KinkForAll unconferences

Following Marie’s example, let’s all take a deep breath. Even though I feel defamed by Donna M. Hughes and Margaret Brooks, I want to address the crux of their concerns about KinkForAll unconferences and ask for their advice. Discreetly tucked away at the end of a 6 page personal assault, they wrote: The open and […]

The Salvation Army incites personal attacks against me; a blog reply

Update: The attacks against me originated from Donna M. Hughes and Margaret Brooks; the Salvation Army republished and more widely distributed Donna M. Hughes’ and Margaret Brooks’ vicious insinuations. See the bottom of this post for details. Acting on what you believe in is an easy thing to do. At first. But then mean, angry, […]

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