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600 words about wake-up sex and whether you’re a rapist or not for doing it

The terminology around sexual consent that unquietpirate and I popularized in our essay You Can Take It Back: Consent as a Felt Sense, continues to take root in discourses about sexual ethics. This time, it’s an answer to the somewhat clichéd question, “Is waking up my partner with oral sex rape?” There’s two different senses […]

Believing there are “good cops” and “bad cops” is like believing there are “rapists” and “not rapists.” Also, the tooth fairy.

The single largest spike in pageviews in my blog’s history happened earlier this month when a subreddit frequented by wastes of human flesh calling themselves “Men’s Rights Activists” found and flipped their shit over the essay I co-wrote with unquietpirate, “You Can Take It Back: Consent as a Felt Sense.” The essay itself is the […]

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