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Yes, men can be feminist leaders.

I don’t claim clairvoyance and I work pretty hard to unpack the privilege I know I have as a white man. But I can also identify with a collective experience of being oppressed—and this is not unique to anyone reading, regardless of your biology or psyche. I believe every inequality oppresses the oppressors as well […]

Femquake Fallout: Feminism, the Internet and Boobquake (and Brainquake)

Boobquake was hilarious. Above all else, the joke turned media frenzy turned factional feminist debate taught me that the Internet is like a giant game of telephone. No matter what someone says, someone else will misconstrue it as something totally different. And y’know what? That’s not so terrible. Here’s why. The Internet is like a […]

Femquaker: Shanna Katz, Sex-Positive Sexuality Educator

Femquaker: A person who promotes compassion among different groups of people and celebrates the value inherent in the diversity of human sexuality. In other words, a feminist who rocks my world! Femquake is intended as a show of feminist solidarity. The idea is that contentious issues of sexuality too often fracture the unity that women, […]

Breasts AND brains are good for humanity & deserve respect! Introducing: Femquake

As you probably heard, a sexist bigot Iranian Cleric by the name of Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi claimed that women who don’t dress modestly cause earthquakes: Many women who do not dress modestly […] lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes. This ridiculous statement caused 22 year […]

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