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Rolequeerness is not just about “who,” it’s about “how,” too; it is the HOW of effectively criticizing power.

princess-poophead: The more I read on their blogs, the weirder it seems that the rolequeer people aren’t talking about doms/tops as people with races and genders and like ability and stuff which is so weird because they’re talking about BDSM as “the fetishization of oppressive culture” so like don’t the privileges and lack thereof in […]

Heterosexuality is a fetish. Why wasn’t it ever in the DSM?

There’s this thing called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, more commonly known as “the DSM.” To put it bluntly, the DSM is a big dictionary of mental health “problems” that stodgy old bigots use to pretend that they’re justified in calling people who do things differently than they would like “mentally ill.” […]

Facebook’s “50+ NEW Gender Identity options!” is still doing it wrong

There’s not much to say about this but I expect a lot of people will be very excited to learn that, starting today, the benevolent gods of your social media existence at Facebook have now granted you the privilege of identifying your gender using words other than “male” or “female.” I’ve already seen fawning and […]

SsexBbox: Gender is a text field

When I met sexuality documentary filmmaker Priscilla Bertucci back in March, I knew I’d want to check out her project, SsexBbox as soon as I could. The project is a far-reaching one, using many forms of media, and aims to explore sexuality itself as a first-class subject of study rather than merely something humans do […]

Wednesday Wanderings: 1984 wasn’t so bad. 1986 was, though.

Well. It’s been another hard week. So, on to a couple of things from a while ago. Rejecting The Gender Binary In Fashion » Sociological Images This new-to-me post strikes close to home because it's a much louder example, visually speaking, of my own clothing preferences. why are department stores separated in clothes for women […]

Wednesday Wanderings: Nostalgic Old White Men and Everyone Else

It’s kind of been a shitty week. Yeah, that’s all I’ve got to say right now. But here’s some non-shitty things for you to read. A Thai Region Where Husbands Are Imported – While the title of this article might make you think of gender role reversal, its contents are profoundly disappointing for anyone […]

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