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An Extended Recording of KinkForAll on the MasoCast

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Axe, whose latest project is called the MasoCast. The MasoCast is a podcast in which Axe converses about personal fetishes and sexual interests with his friends and acquaintances. When Axe asked me if I was willing to record a conversation with him, […]

KinkForAll and the Evolution of Sexuality Communities

Sexuality communities need to evolve or they’ll die. You probably don’t need me to remind you of how hard a time fetish shops, nightclubs, non-profit activist groups, community centers, sex-ed funds, and other sexuality-based initiatives are having right now. Venues are expensive, a cultural war on sex rages fiercely with targeted attacks against sexual freedom, […]

KinkForAll New York City: Rest and Recovery and Then We Do It All Over Again

Introducing KinkForAll: A no-limits gender and sexuality unconference

Update: KinkForAllNewYorkCity now has a date (Sunday, March 8th) and a venue (the LGBT Center). Our next challenge is finding sponsorships and continuing promotional efforts. Update: KinkForAll New York City was a stunning success. As if I didn’t have enough projects going right now, while here in Sydney, Eileen and I had an idea for […]

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