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My unreal experience on the Kink, Inc. Armory Tour

EDITORIAL NOTE: This piece is long, for which I apologize, but some things cannot be clearly stated without careful attention to detail. For those of you who haven’t the time or patience to read this in one sitting, you can use the following mini-Table Of Contents to jump to the subsections of this post: “Every […]

Conversation with Clarisse Thorn about Kink, Inc.’s “hymen-gate”

“Internet time” makes “dog years” look like they happen in evolutionary terms; slow. So it’s no surprise that barely 2 months later, Kink, Inc.’s “hymen-gate” fiasco, as it’s been christened, is probably well beyond the memory of most sex bloggers. I already said most of my piece, but it’s still very, very interesting and brought […]’s correspondent incompetence or deliberate malfeasance?

I may very well never get invited to The Armory again. You see, I was invited to visit after I wrote this scathing indictment of a Cybernet Entertainment, LLC press release (the company behind and which I’ll here thereafter refer to as Kink, Inc., for brevity and rhetorical purpose) and the blogosphere’s response. A […]

What porn companies can learn from the Giffords shooting

First, a couple important points. I hate Kink, Inc.1 2 That does not mean I want them eradicated—they have been doing a shitty job of it, but I believe have made the world a (slightly) better place on balance—it means I have incredibly negative feelings for them that are far, far stronger than mere disapproval […]

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