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What’s the difference between choice, permission, and consent as a felt sense?

The Rolequeer blog is having a conversation with an erotic author going by gleefullydepraved who misused the word “rolequeer” in a fascinatingly disturbing way, unsurprisingly, given their nom de plume. You don’t need to read their conversation to understand this essay, but it might provide some useful context to my remarks. I’m responding to gleefullydepraved […]

“Consent as a Felt Sense” is not about law, so why does everyone keep talking about The Law?

I want to clarify something. But, since every time I speak publicly certain people deem it their personal moral crusade to deliberately misinterpret and decontextualize what I have to say, I’m going to let this other blog post written by this other person clarify for me: My friends Unquietpirate and Maymay wrote this controversy-provoking article, […]

What’s the legal deal with defamation and the Predator Alert Tool for Facebook?

Over on Tumblr, an anonymous user asked: What’s the legal deal with PAT-FB in the US? If I use the app to report someone for a crime they haven’t been convicted of, can’t I be sued for defamation? If so, even if my report was “anonymous,” couldn’t you still be subpoenaed for my information? I’m […]

Mainstream porn’s bedfellows are not a feminist pornographer’s friends

If you’ve any interest in technology or sex (or, like me, both), then you probably pay attention to the pornography industry. Or at least, you should. For a while now, there’s been a largely predictable lawsuit underway against peer-to-peer porn-sharers brought about by a mainstream (i.e., not even remotely feminist) porn studio called Corbin Fisher. […]

Wednesday Wanderings: On Aliens and Strip Clubs (but not Alien Strip Clubs)

Innately, I seek out information from a variety of sources. This is because I truly believe that multiple perspectives are necessary to understand one thing. With Kink On Tap, I’ve been able to turn my media consumption routine into a media production routine, but sometimes I find things that are more fitting to put here […]

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