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Margaret Brooks demonstrates how opportunism trumps facts in anti-sex campaigns

Regular readers will no doubt be familiar with Margaret Brooks who, early last year, all but flat-out accused me of being a sexual predator (and worse). Later that year, she wrote an op-ed for the Chronicle of Higher Education wrapping a patently absurd argument for the revocation of student rights up in a bold-faced screed […]

Margaret Brooks’ Sex Week “Concern” highlights the intersection of sex-negativity and adultism

Sex-negativity often goes hand-in-hand with adultism, a form of ageism that discriminates against young people considered “not adults.” Adultism is so embedded in the structure of society that many institutions, including schools, routinely marginalize young people by silencing their voices, disallowing their participation in decision-making activities, or actively excluding their presence at public assemblies. Nowhere […]

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