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Some unsolicited advice to dominants [power can not exist in a vacuum]

rolequeer: rolequeer: I don’t believe ethical domination is possible. But if I had to give a dominant who absolutely refuses to quit the game one bit of advice about how to make domination less unethical, that one piece of advice would be: DON’T. DATE. SUBMISSIVES. Seriously, submissives are people who are willingly vulnerable, who face […]

Thinking Rolequeer: Stepping Outside the Charmed Circle

Dear rolequeer, I have been meaning to write a post whose working title is “Rolequeerness and Stepping Outside the Charmed Circle,” but I have yet to actually do it. When I read your recent post, “Oppression as the ultimate time consumer,” I was reminded exactly why I have not yet written that post; as you […]

Rolequeerness is not just about “who,” it’s about “how,” too; it is the HOW of effectively criticizing power.

princess-poophead: The more I read on their blogs, the weirder it seems that the rolequeer people aren’t talking about doms/tops as people with races and genders and like ability and stuff which is so weird because they’re talking about BDSM as “the fetishization of oppressive culture” so like don’t the privileges and lack thereof in […]

Revisiting why “no moderation” is a feature, not a bug, in Predator Alert Tool

Among the most common criticisms of the Predator Alert Tool project, which is a suite of browser apps and social network add-ins aiming to “build sexual violence prevention mechanisms into every social network on the Internet,” is the claim that, since the tools are unmoderated, they “put you in a worse position” than you were […]

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