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Search for FetLife profiles by all profile fields (age/sex/location/orientation/about me/looking for/number of pictures, and much more) without needing to login

So, this has been available for quite a while, but now that FetLife is actively removing links to it from venues they control (according to this tweet, which was part of this conversation, anyway), I figured it’s time to spread more links to it. :) Try it out: Log out of your FetLife account (if […]

Remember all those FetLife privacy problems? They’re still problems.

Anaiis Flox has a new feature over on the Slantist today titled, “You Can Browse FetLife Profiles Without Logging In.” I’ll suggest an alternate title: “Everything maymay said about FetLife years ago is still true.” The article also has a brief summary of some history only long-time readers of mine are likely to remember: This […]

The privacy information FetLife doesn’t want you to read

EDITORIAL NOTE: This piece is long because it reiterates important information from prior posts published over the last several months. For those of you who haven’t the time or patience to read this in one sitting, you can use the following mini-Table Of Contents to jump to the subsections of this post: FetLife is selling […]

Let’s get practical: Care about Internet privacy because it keeps your loved ones physically safer

There is a key point continually getting glossed over in this whole FetLife disaster that I feel needs to be stated. It is the direct line that connects the dots between FetLife’s silencing of abuse survivors and FetLife’s dishonest communication about security and privacy. The following is cross-posted from Facebook, emphasis added: There are a […]

Promises are bad premises for privacy: Myth versus Fact about the FetLife Proxy

Open information is fantastic, open networks are essential. But the truth won’t set us free until we develop the skills and the habit and the talent and the moral courage to use it. —Margaret Heffernan Decontextualization is a useful tactic for spin, but thankfully transparency is its most effective counter. Molly Ren wrote a lucid […]

Shooting the messenger will not change the message: FetLife’s stance on privacy is the same as the RIAA’s stance on piracy

FetLife’s stance on privacy is the same as the RIAA’s stance on piracy, which is the same as Burning Man’s stance on scalping, which is the same as anti-trafficking activist’s stance on sex work. In a sentence, it goes like this: “Punish anyone visibly breaking ‘the rules’ and ignore everyone invisibly breaking the rules, because […]

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